Being featured on Green Box Top is a great way to get new customers! Because of our focus on green products or services, Green Box Top is more likely to bring you loyal customers aligned with your company’s values than any of the other daily deal sites. 


We take a  broad interpretation of "green" and include the following:  certified green businesses, restaurants emphasizing organic or vegetarian meals, wellness and holistic health businesses (yoga, dance, acupuncture,etc.), community-minded businesses, environmentally focused businesses, and companies with environmentally sustainable business practices.  We enjoy running small business offers and unlike some daily deals sites, we are willing to set a low sales maximum to ensure small businesses aren't overwhelmed with new customers.  Contact Us Now>>

Specific advantages to being a Green Box Top feature include:

1) No cost to you

Running as a feature on Green Box Top is free.

2) Instant sales

We run your feature, and you get new sales. It’s as simple as that. We can customize your offer to limit the number of coupons (for small businesses) and work with you to craft an offer that works for your business. We also put together the Green Story, helping people understand how it is green to buy your featured deal.

3) Upfront payment after your feature runs

Because of our revenue share model, we write you a check for the sale from your feature within seven days of your featured deal ending. You receive a new customer list and a quick infusion of cash from the sales!

4) Free advertising

We run our feature of your company on our website, promote it to our subscriber base, and include it on all of our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter). Each of our subscribers has their network of Facebook friends, so the chance of your feature hitting a wider audience is high. You focus on your business and leave the feature promotion to us!

5) Improved search engine optimization (SEO) ratings

For each sale received, the featured company website generally gets two to three interested parties who will visit your site but not buy the deal on that day. These visitors often become customers at a later date. In addition, due the increased traffic to your website, your website may begin to rank higher in Google searches, thus increasing your profile without you having to do a thing.


We strive to make this opportunity as low risk to you as possible. Please email us directly to discuss how your company can be featured on Green Box Top!

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